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Thank You, @BlogLove2018!

Appreciation post

Few weeks ago, I was given the chance to connect with @BlogLove2018 on Twitter.
@BlogLove2018 is such a wonderful person, I gotta say.  She runs the blog called familybychoice. It is such a lovely blog and very helpful to others by promoting blogs and works of other bloggers.

familybychoice is the first ever blog that featured my blog on their blog website, and I couldn't thank them enough for including me on their LovePost category.
Thank you so much!
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Peek - A - Shoes!

"Apples! Oranges! 3 fruits for 1 pawcoin only." said Kimy and Goldie.

The furballs are selling the fruits they just harvested this morning.

Butchy came rushing to Kimy and Goldie to buy some apples.
"Apples, please!" said the excited Butchy. "Enjoy your apples!" Kimy told Butchy.
They continue to pedal their trike until they came across a little sad girl. The furballs stopped and approached the girl.

"Hello there.. We are from FurVille, Woof Town. What's your name?" asked Kimy. "And why you seemed so sad?" Goldie continued.
The girl sighed and say, "Hi..My name is Lilly and I'm supposed to join a dancing and singing contest today, But my shoes got broken while I was practicing.." said Lilly in so much dismayed.

"Perhaps you can fix it or buy a new pair?" Goldie suggested to Lilly.

"But I don't have any more money..." replied Lilly with a sad face.

The furballs think for a lil while then they've come …

Witchy Witch

"Mystique Forest...We meet again.. Now, where could that baby be.." said Brianna to herself. Brianna is a witch from Hex Isle who took baby fairy Scarlett not so long ago, Until Gnome Nom have come to rescued Scarlett and returned her to the fairies of Mystique Forest with the help of furballs, Kimy and Goldie.
(If you haven't read the previous story about the Fairies, Gnomes, and the witch, Please click or tap here: Previous Story )

"Oh nooo!!" Kimy screamed. Goldie came rushing to Kimy,"What happened?"

"The magical butterflies! We left it in the Mystique Forest. We must go back and get them." Kimy told Goldie. 

"But..our trike is broken. How can we get there fast?" asked Goldie. 
"This will give us a ride!" Kimy riding on to his bicycle. "Hop on, Goldie! We have some butterflies to catch." said Kimy.

Together, they travelled back to Mystique Forest.
(for the previous story about how the furballs have forg…

Meet The Dinos

Kimy and Goldie were travelling back to Woof Town from their quick trip in Mystique Forest in the previous PawVenture Time Story...
(if you haven't read the previous story, tap or click here: 8th PawVenture Story ) "We should be home before it gets dark." said terrified Kimy.
"Why, what are you afraid of?" asked Goldie
"The witch from Hex Isle. Remember what Gnome Nom told us." replied Kimy
Goldie was about to say something when their trike got stucked in a cracked hole.

"Oh noooo! What should we do now?" Kimy said in frustration. Suddenly they heard a noise. Kimy and Goldie got terrified thinking it was the witch from Hex Isle, but much to their surprise, it's Kidarfi, a boy from Perry Island, who has dinosaurs pals.
"What's the matter, furballs? Need help?" asked Kidarfi.
" that a t-rex?" asked the fascinated furballs.
"Indeed! This is Ty! Say hi to them, Ty." Kidarfi told his dino friend which Ty respon…

Fairies, Gnomes, The Lost Baby & The Doggos

Rain is pouring nonstop in Furry Kingdom and Woof Town. All furbabies have chosen to stayed home to be safe and warm.
Kimy and Goldie were relaxing when they heard a knock on their door..
"Furballs, are you home? It's me, gnome Nom!" called the little gnome carrying a basket.

Kimy opened the door, "What brought you here? Come inside, gnome Nom." Kimy told Nom.
Goldie got curious of what Nom is carrying, "What is that?" she asked Nom.
"Oh this. This is Scarlett, the missing baby from the Mystique Forest. I shall return her to the fairies but my carriage got broken and with this kind of weather, I could not possibly bring her back." said Nom in dismayed.
"Why has she gone missing in the first place?" confused Kimy asked Nom.

"It's a very long story. But the witch from the Hex Isle is the one responsible for it." explained Nom. Kimy and Goldie got terrified when they heard about Hex Isle.

"No worries, furballs. We are all sa…

Mission PawTroL

"Hurry up, Kimy!" says Goldie in a rush. Kimy came rushing and say, "Here, I come!" Kimy and Goldie ride their trike and head to Seatopia to do a mission of helping a friend in need.
"At last, we're here!" said the very thrilled Goldie. And not too far, is their friend waiting and waving at them.
"Right here, furballs!" says their guppy friend, KC.
"Woof! We came as soon as we received your message. How can we help you?" Goldie asked KC. "I joined a talent search under the sea, And I still can't decide what talent I will showcase. Could you help me decide?" expalained KC.
"No problem,KC. We will sure help you!" says Kimy. "How about.. dancing? Can you dance?" continued Kimy. Then they tried dancing. "That was so much fun!" says KC. "But maybe, I can do something else.." KC continued as she thinks of another talent she can do.
"Oh! How about singing?" says Goldie. "Here, borr…

The Ball...That Got Away

It was a gloomy morning in Woof Town. Furbabies, Kimy and Goldie were sad that they won't be able to play with their furbuddies because of the weather.
"We're the only ones here at Woof Town Park." Kimy said to Goldie and sighed.
"Not the best day ever..." Goldie agreed.
"Perhaps, we should go home now.." Kimy told Goldie. Then they started walking home. While walking, Goldie accidentally dropped her ball and it bounced all the way to the Well. They tried to catch it, But it was too late, it fell down the Well. "Oh nooo..." says Goldie who was extremely dismayed about what happened. "No worries, Goldie. Superhero Lucas can help us get your ball back." says Kimy, comforting Goldie.
"But...Superhero Lucas is busy at the moment. He won't be able to come here.." said poor Goldie. Suddenly, a cheerful voice surprised them.

"Fear not furbabies, for Superhero Dale is here to the rescue!" says the boy. Kimy and Goldie t…